Relaunching Sept 1st!

Let's face it. Villains need some help. It's not just that they should win some of the time (they should, because probablity and that's what they seem to do in reality) it's because a great hero needs a great villain to be great.

We are, all ofus, all tired of obvious flaws, stupid motivations and bad plans. (Lower him slowly into a pit of sharks!) Yet nothing much seems to change.

So, fine. I'm going to talk about bad guys. And picking the brains of the smartest and most enteraining creators and commentators I can get to return my emails.

Why are you doing this?

I am trying to take over the world.

I write a series of comedic novels also called, How to Succeed in Evil. These books feature an Evil Efficiency Consultant named Edwin Windsor. So, in addition to publicity for my work, I want to pick the brains of smart people so I write better books.

Who are you?

Patrick E. McLean
raconteur, conversationalist and good guy to bat ideas around with.

You in?

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