How to Succeed in Evil

Category: Original Series

Unkillable Preview (Subscribe to

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El Justiador Part V

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El Justiador Part IV

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El Justiador Part III

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El Justiador Part II

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El Justiador Part I

This is qualifies as prequel territory. As the characters have been evolving (and as I've been developing 'Evil for television) I have discovered that the sweet spot of the story is Edwin as a consultant. There's just no end of fun to be had pitting him against inane villian buy cialis and viagra online after […]

The Death of Edwin 2.0

After best prices on viagra much soul searching, I found I was changing my character for external reasons, rather than for the demands of the story. And I also discovered that, in doing so, I run the risk of destroying what made the the character and the story work in the first place — Edwin's […]

Edwin 2.0

I've been having trouble writing stories for How to Succeed in Evil because Edwin is too perfect and too laconic. In fact, the way he is in the podcast, he's kind of unsuitable for a main character. So I've done some thinking and some writing and here's what I've come up with.

Episode XII – Topper In Charge

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Episode XI – Going Out of Business

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Cheap Labor Pt. III

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Cheap Labor Pt. II

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Cheap Labor Pt. I

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Episode X – Betrayal!

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Episode IX – So They'll Know

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Episode VIII – Contingency Plan

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Episode VII – The Henchman's Molars

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Episode VI – Edwin vs. the FBI

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Episode V – Open for Business

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Episode IV – The Cromoglodon Falls!

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