So, I'm 44,271 words into a "How to Succeed in Evil Novel"

by Patrick

It seems like it's safe to announce the thing. Kind of like a pregnancy, it's gone on long enough that the doctors are pretty sure it's going to go to term.

I've never written a novel before. I was always afraid of it. I though that writing a screenplay was easier. And I can not emphasize how WRONG I WAS. Screenplays are difficult. One might be misled into thinking they might viagra price online be easier because there are fewer words on a page. One might also be misled by thinking, just because you can write dialog that, screenplays (or perhaps television) are likewise easy. These things are simply not the case.

But I guess it all depends on what you're wired for. And, evidently, I'm wired for n

ovels. Because it's going pretty well. Sure, sure, the first draft of everything is shit. And to be certain those 44k words are a big, brawling mess. But it's a big mess on it's way someplace. And that's very exciting.

So if I've been a little lax on the podcasting front, it's because I've been writing. And, before that,

busting my ass to save the money to get some time to write.

I'll be posting excerpts and updates along the way. And I'll have to record some parts to share. Honestly, Topper doesn't lose too much on the printed page, by every time I write his dialog I want to read it. (good sign).

So thank to everybody for bearing with. It means a lot.