The Plan

I’m going to interview the smartest, most interesting people I can find about ‘Evil. These interviews and other bits of merriment are going into the podcast feed. I’ll also write a bunch of posts. Let’s say at least three podcasts (target length 15 minutes, let’s not be rediculous) and three posts a month.

Then, after about a year of cranking out this content, I’m going to release a non-fiction book entitled How to Succeed in Evil. What exactly is that book going to be? I’m not entirely sure. I have to write it to find out. Here are the kind of parts I have on the shop floor right now

* Interviews
* Essays about fiction and bad guys
* Villain profiles
* Scheme outlines and descriptions
* Consultations and conversations with my fictional characters from How to Succeed in Evil.

Yes, this is made a little more confusing because I have already written three books in a series called How to Succeed in Evil. Which itself is confused because the first book was the middle and I’ve written one prequel and one sequel. Which is made even more confusing because I started off with series of Parsec award-winning podcast episodes.

But never mind all of that. Subscribe by email and I’ll give you everything as it happens.

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    1. Such depths as I can muster will come in the essays and other posts. They’re ending up at about 20m. But really, I just want to give you a non-trivial sample of the interviewee’s thinking.

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