How to Succeed in Evil

10,000 copies sold, 200+ positive reviews on Amazon (4.5 stars) and over 53,000+ audiobook downloads, the Parsec award-winning series can be yours in for just $20.

"How to Succeed in Evil the first book since 'Good Omens' to make me laugh so hard that I lost my place and then prevented me from reading further by putting tears in my eyes. If you love superheroes and comics like I do, or hate them like my wife does, you'll find this book awesome."

Adam Haner
Amazon review

  • Seven full e-books

  • 1470+ Pages

  • Four Audiobooks

  • 26 Hours of Audio

  • Full 22 Page Comic

  • $86 value for just $20

  • 76% Discount

"I love how this book takes tropes from the superhero genre and keeps some while flipping others; it feels like a mix of Watchmen, Astro City with a sprinkle of Terry Pratchett. I recommend going back to the first Succeed in Evil and reading them all. You can thank me later. Great work."

Amazon review

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